Independent mother

*Dedicated to all mothers somewhere.

Being independent for me is the fulfillment of many dreams at the same time: doing what I love most in the world, managing my own time and also enjoying every moment.
The preparation process
Exactly two years ago, my eldest son was born, and with him was born the infinite love and the expansion of the heart, and also a new and not at all simple reality. Exactly two years ago today, five minutes after 00:00 - right after the clock pointed to a new day being created - I gave birth and in fact I was reborn as a mother.
Independent mother
In the two years since my son was born, it has been very difficult for me to talk about his impact on my life. Now, looking back, I realize that his birth actually brought with it a rebirth of myself. Since I became an independent woman who is also a mother, the equation has changed a bit. Lots of difficulties were added but also something new was created. I learned to get more done, I learned to tick, to think fast. I learned that when you have a child you can plan and plan, but reality usually makes other plans for you :-)
Every mother who reads this post must smile to herself and sympathize a little :-) When you become a mother, you immediately learn that what you used to get done once a day, today you can finish in an hour. You face a lot of difficulties but also end each day with a real sense of satisfaction.
And me? Always facing forward. My mind is full of new ideas and I'm running to the next project I'm cooking for you. This is going to be a special winter collation.
And here's a little teaser, especially for you:
Teaser from the winter collection
A glimpse from my Instagram of the winter collection photos. New items will be automatically added to the site

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