Nice to meet you - I'm Liat.

My dream is to make as many women as possible feel special with my items.

The Liat Brandel brand was born as a result of my great love for fashion and design, and it has set itself the goal of being innovative, original, technological, groundbreaking and a leader in the field of fashion.




luxury and elegance

Innovation and technology alongside handwork

About the Brand

Special. Timeless. Comfortable. Elegant.


Hi, I'm Liat. I like clothes, and also graphics, and architecture, and paper, and many other things. But mostly clothes. My dream is to make as many women as possible feel special wearing my items.

I have graduated fashion design (B.Des-fashion) summa cum laude from Shenkar College. My final collection was chosen to open the annual fashion show and was also presented during Tokyo Designers Week right upon graduation. I interned at "Marks & Spencer" in London as a designer in the lingerie department, as part of Shenkar's program for outstanding students. I have also interned  with the designer "Yaniv Persy" in Tel Aviv.

I make all of the items myself in my studio in Tel Aviv, where I have two large sewing machines, and two smaller ones, a huge table and lots and lots of ideas :-)

My designs are based on timeless classic cuts and a clean, elegant and minimalist look and are inspired by the worlds of engineering, architecture and paper. They have an elegant touch and geometric elements inspired by the world of engineering and architecture. I make all the items myself from a sketch to the birth of the complete model with lots of love and attention to the smallest details and with attention to the quality of the finishes and production. Every item goes under my hands starting from its design until it gets packed and sent to you!

I design clothes and accessories for you that I would like to wear myself: must-have items in the closet that never go out of fashion and will continue to flatter you for many years to come. The perfect addition to your most special events.
Welcome to a unique store.

"I chose fashion because it's my true love and that's where my heart is. I bring into my designs my love for symmetry and precision, excellence and innovation, and above all: I strive to design items that you will continue to love for many years to come. Welcome to a one-of-a-kind store .

A look at the brand

Laser cut fashion

In contrast to the traditional methods of clothing production, the laser cutting process allows freer, more precise movements and opens up many possibilities of cuts and burns that cannot be performed with traditional cutting means.

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little black dress

The little black dress has become an iconic and classic item, a kind of must-have item in every wardrobe.
Are you also looking for a classic black dress, or do you already have one in your closet (just one?)

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Fashion and origami

The word Plissé means "folds" in French. The term originally referred to fabric that was woven or gathered into folds. Today, the fabric is lightweight with a creased and shrunk surface in the form of stripes. In the pleating process, the fabric is folded according to different origami patterns.

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Innovation in fashion

A collection created after experiments with combinations of materials that do not come at all from the world of fashion such as plastic and wood, and connecting the world of computer and handwork. The files were designed on the computer, and then sewn by hand.

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Virtual Reality

The final Fake Reality collection from the fashion department at Shankar, which dealt with the tension between our virtual persona and the real one, and which was chosen to open the annual show and was presented at Tokyo Designers Week, Japan

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They wrote about me in the newspaper

The brand in the press and on television - press clippings, links to articles, and photos of female celebrities from television and more

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