Barber shop customers

What comes from the heart, always enters the heart.


"Hi Liat, just to say that the black shimmer looks just wow. I'll send a picture from the wedding later"

Hagai, sparkling transparent chain top, 25.2.2020


"It looks great and you can see that you are investing, there is no doubt that I will recommend / I will come back again when I need to. Thank you!"
Ronana, silver chain tops, 11.2.2020 
"It came out perfect. Not tight and in perfect hands. Lucky you included a belt because the cut came out a little" loose.... just perfect. another league.....
The confidence you instill that you are here and everything can be fixed is very helpful to know. And your great investment that evening was really incomprehensible, that you looked at every detail without belittling it and with the utmost care and patience. inhale
I am also really satisfied with the black shirt. She is sexy and special. just gorgeous."
Mine, custom-made black theta dress + black gamma shirt, 3.9.2019

"Hey Liat
The shipment just arrived..
The dresses and wow a big one!
First time I order dresses like this...
Thank you!!"
Lisa, black pocket dress + beta pencil dress, 6.8.2019

"Thank you very much Liat
The package arrived yesterday
What an excitement
I received compliments today on the top and am already waiting to give the gifts.
you're great
Thank you, Tamar"
Tamar, 2 in 1 shirt + chain top, 18.7.2019


So at the beginning of the week our perfect mother celebrated her birthday and this year, after several years of choosing various performances or experiences for her, we chose another, different experience for her, one that she has not yet experienced .
The page of designer Liat Brandel I had a lot of time in the "saved" of the app and it was simply forgotten from my memory . Suddenly, by chance, a few days before my mother's birthday, an ad of hers jumped out at me, I remembered how much I loved the models in the past and I felt that this was exactly what I was looking for and I immediately wrote her a WhatsApp message and asked if it was possible to purchase a gift certificate through her . Liat's response was extremely quick and kind and explained all the options available to me . Liat told me that she allows her customers to customize the model, color and fabric that are most suitable for them, as well as personal tailoring, according to their measurements or wishes, if necessary . So even though I knew that Liat's style really matches the style that Mom likes and even though I had no doubts about the right models for her (I was right), I decided to schedule a personal meeting with Liat for Mom where she could come and have a different and above all personal shopping experience . And that's exactly how it felt .
Yesterday, Friday morning, at exactly 09:00, I accompanied my mother and we arrived in Liat .
As good as the experience of the service in front of her in the consultation before and during the purchase was good, the feeling doubled in the meeting itself . Liat opened the door of the house with a big smile and congratulations to her mother .
After that, she served us hot coffee which added to the homely and warm atmosphere . Beyond the special and creative talent reflected in Liat's collection, which is all based on different and unique laser cuts, I must add that she gave us a personal and eye-level experience, made everyone feel good about themselves, was patient, helpful and very honest throughout the measurement . She didn't give any sense of the main thing to come and buy, the complete opposite . Liat was interested, shared and gave a friendly and special feeling . The meeting ended with a good and satisfactory purchase, mother renewed herself with three shirts and I with two dresses . We parted with a hug and a big smile on our faces .
So thank you Liat for your specialness .
Both in the models and in the purchase experience you enable and provide . We have no doubt that we will recommend to others and of course we will return at the next events June and Hadar .

Hadar, two necklace dresses + giftcard, 9.8.2019


"Hi, I got the top... Thanks. I really liked it"
Tikva, Upper Chain, March 25, 2019
"Thank you for everything and the warm service, the dress turned out stunning"
Liora, custom made 2 in 1 pencil dress, 4.3.2019


"Good morning!! The wedding was yesterday... You must have burped all evening because I said your name so many times!!! The dress was perfect in every way and I got a million compliments. Of course I will send you a normal picture when the photographer sends us :)"

Renana, custom-made purple collared dress, 29.6.2018

"I got a lot of compliments"
Esti, customized blue collared dress, 20.6.2018

"Hi Liat. I received the top and I really liked it!!! Thank you very much for the warm service from you"
Shush, silver chain top, 20.6.2018


"Good morning Liat. The shirt is beautiful. Thank you very much"
Esti, 2-in-1 black custom-made shirt, 10.2.2019

"Hi Liat, I received the dress today. Thank you very much ♥ you look amazing" 
Ariela, bright royal blue Alpha dress, 18.6.2018

"You nailed it! Both the length and the size turned out well! Thank you sooo much! It's really beautiful!" 
Monday, black collared dress, 10.6.2018

"Liat, it was great, thank you!"
Moriah, custom-ordered shimmery black chain dress, 4.6.2018

"The dress is stunning, fits great..... Thank you and have a great day"
Ilana, custom-made blue chain dress, 4/27/2018

"I received countless compliments... thank you very much... you have earned a satisfied customer"
Sagit, a black 2-in-1 dress and a sparkling black chain dress, 9.4.2017

"Thank you very much, it's perfect! (both in appearance and size, in everything)" 
Moore, black hexagonal top, 22.8.2017

"Thank you so much for the perfect dress you made for me :-)"
Niva, black collared dress, 22.7.2017

"The shirt is amazing, but beyond that, the packaging, the personal inscription, the washing instructions - so chic and impressive that I have not come across in Israel. Really, really impressive. Thank you and of course I will recommend"
Sarah, short gray chain shirt, 2.7.2017

"I just wanted to say thank you for the dress! I wore it yesterday to the wedding and I got loads of compliments (when there are pictures I'll send you :)) so thanks again, a perfect dress (especially for the heat that was yesterday)!!!" 
Sarit, black collared dress, 8.6.2017

"I wore the green shirt today, and I got so many compliments on it! I really like it :-) I sent all the compliments to your website...."
Hades, short green chain shirt, 20.4.2017

"Hello Liat, I was excited today to receive the shirt you sewed especially for me. That's how I felt when I saw it and I was even more moved by the personal letter and the packaging is so meticulous and personal. Best of luck and much success. There aren't many like you with such passion and love for giving from the heart. Thank you :-) "
Sara, short black chain shirt, 17.1.2017

"The dress is really good and beautiful. Thank you"
Sara, sparkly V-neck dress with long sleeves, 5.1.2017

"I wanted to say thank you for the shirt, it's really beautiful :)"
Jordan, blue chain shirt, 1.12.2016

"The shirt is lovely!! Thank you so much ♥"
Sharon, long blue chain shirt, 5.11.2016

"Liat is genuinely wonderful, professional and provides service above and beyond"
Shimrit, black chain dress, 22.10.2016

"I just wanted to let you know that Talia received a lot of compliments on the stunning dress she wore.. Everyone was interested in where it was purchased.. Thank you for the pleasant attitude and care" 
Talia, green chain dress, 24.5.2017

"Everything at your work is crazy special. You are really super talented and I have no doubt that I make super successful and unique purchases!"
Hadar, binder skirt and buttoned striped shirt, 21.10.2016

"Your designs are spectacular and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't browse your website"
Mine, black chain shirt, 20.9.2016

"You nailed it! Even my partner was enthusiastic :) and the cover is devastating"
Natia, chain dress on order, 4.9.2016

"Hi Liat, I just got home and measured the dress. It fits me perfectly. Thank you very much!"
Orna, black chain dress on order, 16.8.2016

"Very nice shirt, I'm satisfied. Honored to be your model! Have a good sale"
Margalit, green chain shirt, 26.8.2016

​"Liat, thanks to you, the compliments don't stop flowing! The top is stunning and so special that they don't stop complimenting me and asking about it ♥ ♥ You are amazing!"
Debi, navy chain top, 13.7.2016

"It was great Liathi! Thank you for everything! Ella felt great in the dress! You went above and beyond!" 
Ella, custom-made pocket dress, 2.7.2016

"I measured, a perfect dress!!! It sits amazing, impressive, the most beautiful in my closet and there are many competitors"
Neta, maxi dress with geometric collar, 31.7.2016

"I wasn't supposed to buy anything, but this beautiful dress was created with the help of laser cuts and it really snuck up on me. I really recommend the designer"
Shani, blue chain dress, 30.7.2016

"I was very, very happy for this wonderful solution that is mainly intended to hide the upper part and arms. I have been looking for this kind of solution for years"
Rita, black chain top, 28.6.2016

"Kind, professional and fast service... product exactly as you see in the picture. I enjoyed buying from the store"
Monder, gray chain dress, 17.6.2016

"Leathy, the dress was hmmm! No, you don't understand how many compliments I got. I'll call you tomorrow to tell you everything! Thank you very much ♥ ♥ ♥" 
Tali, custom-made wedding dress, 27.5.2016

"I ordered. I have to praise you for the amazing attitude...."
Merav, black dress with white pockets, 26.5.2016

"The response was personal and kind, and I was very satisfied with the item and the time it took to arrive. Thank you very much"
Liat, black chain top, 10.4.2016