Laser cut fashion

When a customer approaches my items and begins to touch them and get interested, the first question that always pops up is "What is it made of?". And I always answer, with the same genuine excitement (of a little girl): "It's laser cut, completely."
"Laser-cut? What does that mean? What is a laser-cutting?".
Laser cut dress
Detail from a dress by Liat Brendel, photo: Aya Wind
Laser cutting is a special technology that uses a laser beam to cut different materials. Bottom line: a powerful laser beam is directed at the surface of the material and in response it is melted. The cutting is done on a special table and the beam itself moves according to the "command" of vector lines - that is, according to a drawing drawn on the computer.
The use of the laser for me is not only as a tool to produce special lace-like patterns or as a substitute for embroidery. The items I design are fully cut on the laser machine including interior finishes and linings. When you turn my items INSIDE OUT, you can see that the interior finishes are all laser cut and have a clean and special look. The edges of the fabrics get the appearance of "soldering", which prevents them from priming after cutting.
Reverse laser cut item
The interior finishes, from a reverse item by Liat Brendel
In contrast to the traditional methods of clothing production, the laser cutting process allows freer, more precise movements and opens up many possibilities of cuts and burns that cannot be performed with traditional cutting means.
I fell in love with this technology more than three years ago. Since then I have cut a lot of files with a laser, and the love has remained the same.
Black top with deep cuts by Liat Brendel, photo: Aya Wind
 Black top with deep cuts by Liat Brendel, photo: Aya Wind

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